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Instructions for ordering individualized eBooks (Books for children)


Download instructions for the eBook

Order the book online. You will receive an immediate order confirmation from us.

In order to individualize the ebook for your family and child, mail us two photos ( one photo of your family (ie. family and child) and another one of your child (ie. child alone).

Both photos should be between 1 MB and 3 MB big.

We will insert these photos into the eBook and will mail this personalized ebook to you. This may take several business days.

Reading on an iPad

If you use an iPad (or any other Apple product), we recommend using iBook as your reader. Open the email on your iPad, open the attached PDF and click on the blue symbol on the top right. Now a list of possible readers installed on your device opens up.  Select iBook (pre-installed on any Apple device).

By doing so, you have saved the eBook in iBook and can open it any time directly in iBook or via these steps.


Reading on an Android device

If you use an Android tablet, we recommend installing Amazon Kindle.

You can email the eBook directly to your Kindle-Email address. You find it in your Kindle app in „settings“. Simply email the PDF to this email address, synchronise Kindle and open the book. This may take a few minutes.



Additional information for Android

You can also open the email on your tablet. Go to the tab „attachments“, chose the PDF and save it in your desired path. If you click on the PDF, a selection of pre-installed PDF-readers opens up (If this is not the case, you have given priority to a specific app. In order to deselect this priority, go to settings, app manager, and select the prioritized app. A menu opens up with the sub-menu „launch by default“. In this sub-menu, click „clear defaults“.) Now, every time you open a PDF, a selection of all pre-installed readers opens up. Select  „Amazon Kindle“.

Further Information

The eBooks have been produced as PDFs. There is not yet an international standart for ebooks with many graphics that is usable on all tablets and by all readers. The PDF has the additional advantage that you can print it, if you would like to.

The eBooks are adapted to the formats of  iPads and Samsung Galaxie Note 10.1. If you use a different tablet, it is possible that the graphics will not cover the full screen or that the grafics go beyond the screen. This does not constitute grounds for a claim.

If using a different reader other than iBook or Kindle, it is possible that the eBooks are desplayed beautifully. However, there may also be distortions or other changes, just like viewing the books on a different tablet. It is also possible that instead of the cover, on a grey graphic with „PDF“ is indicated. This also does not constitute grounds for a claim.

If you are not satisfied with your reader, we recommend iBook or Kindle.

If you encounter any other technical problem, please don’t hesitate to contact us by email ( We are there for you and try to help.

Here, you can download a PDF with sample pages of an eBook for children

click the illustration on the left to enlarge it