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Our Family. A book for solo-mom families with children conceived through donor insemination (ebook)


Our Family. A book for solo-mom families with children conceived through donor insemination.

Petra Thorn and Margaret Ritter

FamART 2015

ISBN 978-3-9452-7502-3

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Our Family. A book for solo-mom families with children conceived through donor insemination

Single women pursuing motherhood through donor insemination—it’s not exactly an everyday thing. Yet more and more “Sisters are doing it for themselves” as the old song goes, daring to take matters into their own hands in this new way. For those who always took for granted that they would share the joys of parenting with a loving husband or partner, the decision to go it alone is not an easy one. But sometimes, a woman’s biological clock upends Plan A. You reach your mid-thirties and hear it ticking ever louder, a solid relationship hasn’t happened, and with time running out, you come to a point where you ask yourself whether you’re going to let the lack of a man in your life keep you from having a child.

There are still no figures on how many women are choosing this route to motherhood, but it’s a growing phenomenon. They are professional women who put having a family on hold while caught up in successful careers. They are women who planned to have children “at the right time,” using contraception for years, only to find themselves unattached when the right time came. They are women frustrated by dead-end relationships. Romantics whose desire to have a baby before time ran out finally took precedence over romance. But they don’t all fit one mold. Sometimes they are independent younger women who marched to the beat of their own drum. Women for whom the pull to be a mother was stronger than the pull to be with a man. These women aren’t “you-go-girl” types, out to change the world. They’re just women with a lot of love to give.

This book is intended to support you with your next step: telling your child about her donor origins. In clear, simply language, with delightful illustrations, it sets forth how a single woman can have a child and a family by means of donor insemination. Our Family is written for pre-school kids, since at this age (3 to 6 years old) children start wondering and asking questions about where they come from. It also includes two testimonials written by women how have chosen to build their family this way.

Our Family comes in two versions: one for medial inseminations and one for private inseminations.

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For solo-mothers with children conceived after medical insemination, for solo-mothers with children after private insemination

3 Bewertungen für Our Family. A book for solo-mom families with children conceived through donor insemination (ebook)

  1. Susan

    What a great book! My daughter loved the illusions – and so did I. The books explains in very simple terms how children growing up with their solo-mum were conceived. Once the book arrived at our house, my daughter wanted to listen to it again and again, until she almost knew it by heart!


  2. Colin

    This book is absolutely beautiful and excellent in every way!

    Much appreciated,

  3. Colin

    PT – 15. Januar 2017
    Hallo Frau Thorn,
    ich wollte mich nur kurz für das tolle Buch „Unsere Familie für Solo-Mütter mit Wunschkindern nach Samenspende“ bedanken. Ich bin Single und habe letztes Jahr meine kleine Tochter mit Hilfe einer Insemination bekommen. Es war die beste Entscheidung meines Lebens, und ich finde es ganz super, dass ich jetzt auch ein Kinderbuch habe, um es ihr und auch der Kita später erklären kann. Also Vielen lieben Dank!!!

    Dear Petra,
    I love your book! It is so moving and touching. So simple and yet so enough!
    Karla also loved it. Thank you very much.
    Pia Olsen, author of several books for solo mothers (

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